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Charlie Palmer Pulls Out of Denver and Announces Closure of Both Restaurants

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Charlie Palmer's District Tavern
Charlie Palmer's District Tavern
Photo: Adam Larkey

After less than a year on the Denver dining scene, chef/restaurateur Charlie Palmer has decided to close Charlie Palmer's District Tavern and Wazee Wood Fire Pizza. In May, Palmer rebranded the tavern concept (which used to be called District Meats) in an effort to win Denver diners over, but sadly, the move just didn't pan out. In a press announcement issued this morning, the restaurant group confirms that both restaurants will close by the end of the month:

On August 31, the Charlie Palmer Group will close Charlie Palmer's District Tavern, its sole project in the Denver area. "It was our intention to settle in and become part of LoDo, and, while we were unable maintain the volume needed to remain open, one thing we know for sure: it's a great neighborhood in a great city and we enjoyed the time we spent there," says Palmer. "At this time, I'd also like to publicly thank our local employees for their great service, particularly the invaluable part they played during the recent changes that garnered praise for their performance as well as the food including our 'best pizza' win." [sic]

We appreciate those who have embraced and welcomed us to the community from the start and invite you to come in and bid adieu during our last few days.

Erin Jevis, director of PR and marketing for Charlie Palmer Restaurant Group, tells Eater that Palmer will sell both spaces.

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Charlie Palmer's District Tavern

1625 Wazee Street, Denver, CO.