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Taita Peruvian Cuisine & Bar, Opening This Friday

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Taita Peruvian Cuisine & Bar
Taita Peruvian Cuisine & Bar
Photo: Sean Buchan

E. COLFAX— Cafe Society has a sneak peek of Taita Peruvian Cuisine & Bar, opening this Friday at 1521 Marion St., and editor Lori Midson writes that the food is astounding: "while every single dish pranced with pronounced flavors, the ceviches, had I been in a boat, would have knocked me overboard with their vibrancy." [Cafe Society]

FOOD TRUCK WIRE— A green VW van that sells fondu? Yup, it's real — check-out DipStick, now roaming Denver's streets. [Cafe Society]

GABF WIRE Pissed because the Great American Beer Festival is totally sold-out? Denver Off The Wagon is here with some insight in today's editorial, "Ticket Sales and Mad Beer Folks. What Is Going On?" The reality: "Whether this is due to affluence, marketing or otherwise, we old-school craft beer folks are going to have to face the fact that we are not alone in some (increasingly crowded) nerd paradise." [GABF]

FT. COLLINS— New Belgium's Tour de Fat will return to Denver on September 8th. For more information, visit the official site. [EaterWire]