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Food Critic: Not Much Different From Pro Binge Eating

Fruition Restaurant
Fruition Restaurant
Photo: Adam Larkey

LISTICLES— Food & Wine has named Denver the healthiest city to visit, suggesting Fruition Restaurant as the place the dine. [FW via HuffPost]

EVENT WIRE— Here's one of many reasons why the Denver Food & Wine festival shouldn't be missed: Two Colorado Bravo chefs, Kelly Liken (Restaurant Kelly Liken/Top Chef Season 7) and Jenna Johansen (Around The World in 80 Plates) will face-off "in a live cook-off with an Iron Chef-like secret ingredient. Afterwards, there'll be a Q & A which, after tasting their food, will be about 75% will-you-marry-me's." [Thrillist]

THE CRITICS— In preparation to welcome Gretchen Kurtz, Westword's new dining critic, previous critics are sharing their advice. Former critic Laura Shunk, who departed Denver only months ago, writes this: "You're going to realize quickly that people have incredibly romantic misconceptions of what it means to be a professional restaurant critic in Denver. In reality, being a food critic isn't that much different from being a professional binge-eater, except for the fact that most real binge-eaters get to blessedly shroud their habits in secrecy." [Cafe Society]

Fruition Restaurant

1313 E 6th Avenue, Denver, CO 80218 303 831 1992