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What Are Denver's Most Underrated Restaurants?

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Have something you want discussed or a question you want answered among the fine Eater readers, as a Friday Open Thread? Send it this way.
Buchi Cubano Cafe [Photo: North Denver Tribune]

For this week's Open Thread, Eater wants to hear about Denver's most underrated restaurants. What restaurants don't get enough love from the press? What chefs are flying under the radar? What hidden gem have jaw-dropping menus? Who's making a drink that ought to have a cult following?

Drop your recommendations in the comments or send them to the tipline, and check back next week for a map of Denver's most underrated restaurants as determined by Eater readers. And remember, the more details, the better.

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Buchi Cafe Cubano

2651 West 38th Avenue, , CO 80211 (303) 458-1328 Visit Website

Buchi Cubano Cafe

2651 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO