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Why Allison Anderson Elevates Dining at Frasca

Welcome to Front & Center, a series highlighting front of the house professionals in Denver restaurants. Right now, Andra Zeppelin of French Press Memos gives a shout-out to Frasca Food and Wine's Allison Anderson:
Walk into Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder and the first thing you will see is Allison Anderson's welcoming smile behind the bar. The coordinator of the bar and spirits program, Allison does much more than mix drinks, she elevates the dining experience of each guest that crosses her path.

A Colorado native, Allison came to Frasca over two years ago with several years of experience in the service industry. She was intimidated, but up for the challenge of becoming part of the Frasca team — a team that represents the gold standard for service and food in Colorado. Allison is driven and ambitious, yet understated and personable. She was ready to learn from the best, her role models, Bobby and Danette Stuckey. What struck a chord of admiration with her was Bobby's impeccable work ethic and his genuine interest in each diner's story, and Danette's comforting demeanor — her kindness, elegance and grace.

Slowly and quietly, in her own unique way, Allison became the face of great service at Frasca. It is easy to see that she has a genuine and deep respect for her industry and that she takes great pride in her craft. Allison's presence behind the bar is both relaxing and energizing. She is there to interact when it is appropriate, mix a flawless drink, and give you the space you need to enjoy your dining experience. Playful, strong, and delicate at the same time, Allison has a keen ability to read the customer and tailor her approach to any situation with ease and versatility — that is what makes her spectacular.

Have a seat at the bar at Frasca and let Allison her work her magic. You will certainly want to return.

-Andra Zeppelin

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Allison Anderson [Photo: Andra Zeppelin]