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Jonesy's Eat Bar, Where Everyone Knows Your Name

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Welcome to Front & Center, a series highlighting front of the house professionals in Denver restaurants. Today, Elizabeth Woessner of EatDenver and The Main Course KEZW 1430 am spills some love for the staff at Jonesy's Eat Bar:
The Jonesy's Crew, from left to right: J.D., Sarah, Ray, Amanda, Kristin and Josette [Photo: Adam Larkey]

Many of you remember a decade or so of Thursday evening watching Sam and Diane play host to a quirky group of regulars on Cheers. I consider myself the "Norm Peterson" of Jonesy's Eat Bar and Jonesy's the Cheers bar of Denver. This analogy comes as no surprise to Leigh Jones, owner of Jonesy's, as her daily mantra to her staff is "we're making regulars". Making regulars in the restaurant world is no easy feat. The girls behind the bar at Jonesy's make it seem effortless and fun and their regulars appreciate it. Jennifer Kueber, a fixture at the bar says "We have gotten to know the staff so well that we feel they are now part of our family." Jen and her fiance Rob have even invited most of the staff to their wedding later this month.

The "Mother Hen" behind the bar is a blonde, bubbly, ball of sunshine named Kristin. She recognizes every regular who walks through the door, remembers their name and their favorite drink. On Sundays, she is joined by Sarah and together, they put the fun in Sunday Funday, making sure there is no bottom in the bottomless mimosas.

Ray is known as the "Goddess of Beer and Boobs". She is a true beer aficionado and specializes in local Colorado brews. She plans and executes the Thursday night "Bootleggers Beer Dinner Series" every month. With a very loyal following, Ray leads her regulars through a four course family-style meal, while they chat and drink with brewer. The boobs? Well, they speak for themselves.

Amanda reminds me of a New Yorker — tough on the outside, with a heart of gold in the middle. Jonesy's sits across the park from the Queen Anne Inn and Amanda makes it her business to ensure that travelers have a place to go that feels like home.

Even the four-legged residents of the Uptown neighborhood are happy regulars at Jonesy's. Known as "Aunt Cookie," pink-haired Josette is always on the lookout for a dog in need of water, a treat or just a rub behind the ears.

Finally, keeping this bevy of beauties in line, is Jonesy's new general manager J.D. Dossett. His warm, gentle, southern style hospitality shines through in all the details that keep regulars coming back.

As you walk through the door at Jonesy's Eat Bar, don't be surprised if you find yourself humming that familiar theme song; "Where Everybody Knows Your Name."

—Elizabeth Woessner

Jonesy's Eat Bar

400 E 20th Avenue, Denver, CO 80203 303 868 7473

Jonesy's Eat Bar

400 East 20th Avenue Denver, CO