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Crime Wire: Watch a Black Bear Break Into The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

 Kris Hazelton of Estes Park News Watch
Kris Hazelton of Estes Park News Watch

Last weekend Kris Hazelton of Estes Park News Watch reported that a black bear broke into (if you call walking in a "break-in," we suppose) Estes Park's Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and had "a heyday stuffing himself silly" with the shop's goods. The bear was busted when owner Jo Adams installed surveillance cameras after spotting a suspicious scattering of candy debris and dirt in her shop. Thinking the intruder was "a pesky ground squirrel," Adams was surprised when she watched footage of a bear opening the store's front door with little to no effort — a door the bear revisited seven times during a 20 minute span. So what did the bear eat? Rice crispy treats, peanut butter cups, "balls of joy" and, coincidently, "cookie bears." The items of choice are now a hit with customers and Adams has increased her production. Watch Hazelton squeeze five minutes and fifteen seconds out of this story.

· Estes Park News Weekend Report Break-In News! [YouTube]

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

517 Big Thompson Ave. Estes Park, CO. 80517