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Obama Says He'll Enlist White House Chefs to Duplicate Green Chili From Romero's in Pueblo

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President Obama made a stop at Romero's Cafe and Catering yesterday during his trip through Pueblo. Accompanied by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, Obama Foodorama reports that Obama ordered enchilada tejanas with chorizo with green chili ($6.75) for himself and a breakfast burrito ($6.50) for Salazar, to go. After his pitstop, Obama addressed the Pueblo community, unveiling his appreciation for Romero's Cafe and Catering: "I got to admit that we're saving some [chili] to take back to the White House. So I'm going to work with the White House chefs to see if we can figure out some of the secrets here," Obama said, adding that spicy chili is the only way to go. Considering the restaurant has apparently won over 45 awards for its green chili, Obama made a good dining choice.

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President Obama and Owner Robert Romero [Photo: Obama Foodorama]

Romero's Cafe & Catering

2648 Santa Fe Drive, Pueblo, Colorado, 81006