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The Early Word on Momofuku-Esque Newcomer Uncle

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Photo: Adam Larkey

Uncle, the one month-old eatery in the Highlands neighborhood that too-strikingly resembles David Chang's Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York City, seems to be getting in a pleasant dining groove. The eatery attracts a varied demographic night after night and has hopes of becoming a favorite neighborhood spot. But what do diners think of this Asian-inspired joint? While formal reviews are not yet expected for at least a few more weeks, blogs and social media channels are buzzing. Here is the early word on Uncle.

The Great News: An excited Yelp writes, "Who knew ramen noodles could be so good. I highly recommend the Lamb Soup bowl and the steam pork belly buns. The chef has great taste as everything comes together to such amazing flavors. Uncle's food will blow your taste buds away. [Yelp]

More Good News: Amanda Faison of 5280 reports, "The calamari, on the other hand, was the dish of the night: The lacy strips of squid were crispy and delicate. The blistered peppers offered vegetal crunch and a hint of heat. And the squeeze of lime and sprinkling of togarashi (a Japanese spice blend that combines red chile flakes with sesame seeds, nori, and dried orange peel) added satisfying depth. [5280]

Positive Feedback News: A Facebook commenter posts, "Great dinner tonight at Tommy Lee's new place, Uncle. I reccomend it to everyone in the mood for good food, good beer (got to have the Bear Racer) and good people. [Facebook]

The Lukewarm News: An unimpressed Yelper writes, "The rice bowl was good but not spectacular and definitely not worth the $12 price tag. The pork belly on the rice bowl was very tender, though a bit bland, and there were only 4 small pieces. [Yelp]

The Not-So-Good News: A disgruntled Tumblr blogger writes in, "...we get to see Tommy Lee, its chef and owner, present to Denver yet another Momofuku clone. This time, Uncle simply ripped off Bones's kitchen setup (white tiles! watch the cooks cook!) and took the rest from Momofuku: the bar, the right-side dining area, the wood paneling, and the menu design. Yes, even the goddamned menu design. [ColoRad]

The Ecstatic News: Eater commenters are taken with the place. "Regardless of the's still different than Momofuku's design. The food is different as well, it's awesome! Love the shrimp buns, crab tator tots, and the tofu! This place is a must see!" says one reader. And per another, "The rice bowl was delicious!" [Eater Comments]

— Andra Zeppelin
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