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The Rebirth of Gaetano's Eccelente Cucina & Cocktails

Frank and Betty Saccomanno and their booths
Frank and Betty Saccomanno and their booths

Gaetano's Eccellente Cucina & Cocktails [Photos: Rachel Nobrega]

Gaetano's, one of Denver's most historic, Italian-owned restaurants will unveil its "Sinners and Saints" themed renovation to the public this Saturday. The remodel and menu revamp was approached with kid gloves as regulars expressed their concerns the moment the restaurant temporarily shut their doors. Paying respect to five of the neighborhood's most influential Italian families, large black and white photos adorn the walls over each family-named VIP booth.

Executive Chef Chris Cina kept half of the original favorites like alfredo and carbonara pastas, but added a handful of new dishes like wild mushroom ravioli in a Parmesan-porcini broth and risotto coquettes to share. Getting full off of the Italian cuisine isn't your only option; not only is the extensive wine list in chronological order according to winery establish dates, but red wine, white wine, and Prosecco are all offered on tap. Prosecco on tap has been in Italy for over twelve years now and has only made it to the U.S. in the past few years, making Gaetano's the first Colorado location to serve it.

The interior was redesigned keeping the bones of the structure in place. An original bar with sexy, red light boxes and black metal enclosures was the inspiration for the rest of the restaurant. The walls were built around a prized painting often referred to as 'The Lady in the Hallway' or 'The Bird in Paradise' and will be covered with a red velvet curtain during the day and revealed in the evening. Even the restrooms match the mob theme with a large vintage poster of Colorado's Most Wanted across from the Confessional bathroom stalls.
Rachel Nobrega
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