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The Denver FIVE Reveal Plans for NYC Visit

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The Denver FIVE crew are heading to New York City to mark the fifth anniversary of their annual pilgrimage to cook at the James Beard House on Wednesday September 19th.

The Denver FIVE is a select group of influential chefs chosen by Leigh Sullivan Enterprises. The concept's mission it to assert Denver's rightful place in the national culinary spotlight. This year's line-up features executive chef of Elway's Cherry Creek, Tyler Wiard; Top Chef winner and owner of Blackbelly Catering, Hosea Rosenberg; chef Samir Mohammad of Lala's Wine Bar; Roaming Around the World in 80 Plates Celebrity, chef Jenna Johansen; Jessica Scott, pastry chef of Bistro Boys Catering; and a sixth- Sommelier Jonathan Greschler of Fuel Cafe who will be opening Old Major in 2013.

Samir Mohammad plans to eat at Red Rooster, Blue Hill, Eataly, lots of street food, and will bring back cannolies for his kitchen staff. Jessica Scott will be in NYC for the first time and plans to go anywhere and everywhere with her fellow chefs. Hosea Rosenberg is doing a lot with meat these days and will check out who's doing the most inventive charcuterie and butchery while binge eating his way through the city. Jenna Johansen will also be in New York for the first time and can't wait to go to Eataly, Murray's Cheese Shop, and is more interested in the little hole in the wall than the four hour dinner. Jonathan Greschler will get pizza in Brooklyn at his standby Grimaldi's or at Roberta's as well as Le Parker Meridien for burgers and will be at Blue Ribbon every night at one a.m. "Our one nice dinner will be at Blue Hill on Thursday. I'm really looking forward to it. The whole time I worked there I never got the chance to eat there."
—Laura Saffioti
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