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Justin Brunson of Old Major Finds His Happy Pigs

Justin Brunson, chef and owner at the anticipated Old Major, announced with almost parental pride that he found his pigs, meaning that he officially hired a farmer to raise a variety of breeds of pig for his upcoming restaurant. A self-proclaimed swine lover, Brunson searched many farms for happy pigs raised with care, producing the highest quality meat.

"I have been playing with pigs for a while, looking for the right source, and I just could not find great quality pork locally," Brunson said. When he was introduced to one specific Iowa farm, however, he knew he found his match. The pigs raised there have plenty of space, are kept cool, and, in the summer time, get to lounge under a shaded hut equipped with a mister system.

The farm will raise mostly Berkshire pigs for Brunson, but other breeds like Mangalitsa, Chester White, and Swabian Hall will make their way from the Iowa farm to Colorado to be served at Old Major next year.

Brunson is also working on a sustainable whole cow program. This program will involve a collaboration with Highland Tap & Burger where Old Major will keep the premium beef cuts and Highland Tap & Burger will purchase meat for its beef patties. Brunson anticipates buying two steers a week through this program and is actively seeking a farm to work with.
[Old Major space pre-construction by Adam Larkey]
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— Andra Zeppelin

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