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Breaking: Encore Returns as Beast + Bottle

Paul and Aileen Reilly
Paul and Aileen Reilly
Photo: Adam Larkey

Paul and Aileen Reilly, business partners at the recently closed Encore on Colfax, are opening Beast + Bottle. The new venture, whose catchy name plays on food and wine, is set to open early in 2013 in a central Denver location. Scant information appears on the Beast + Bottle brand new website, twitter account, and Facebook page (with 92 fans and counting). One thing is certain: Denver is excited to have the Reilly siblings back in the restaurant scene.

Their previous venture, Encore, closed at the end of April after the restaurant could not reach an agreement on the lease rate for its Colfax space with then-landlord St. Charles Town Co. At that time, Paul and Aileen Reilly promised to return but were not sure whether Encore would reemerge in a different location or whether a new concept would be born. Five months after the last brunch at Encore, Beast + Bottle is more than a concept, it is a restaurant in the making.

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Encore On Colfax

2550 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80206