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Mail-Order Ice-Cream, Little Black Dresses

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BOULDER WIREAnyone will agree that $12.99 for a pint of ice-cream sounds outrageous. The ice cream in question is Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream and the availability of the hot cool item is limited despite the price tag. The team behind Cured, the cheese and specialty foods shop in Boulder, swears it is worth the hype. Cured is now taking orders for this heavenly ice-cream made with seasonal and locally sourced fruits, vegetables and nuts. [EaterWire]

EVENT WIREStrings Restaurant is hosting the Little Black Dress Wine Tasting, a casual event that celebrates wine and community on Thursday, September 27th from 6-9pm. Call to make a reservation 303.831.7310. [EaterWire]

SNACK WIRECapitol Hill United Neighbors will host the annual Snack Attack event on October 13. This will bring together some of Denver's most popular food trucks for one last major snacking extravaganza before the snow hits the pavement in the Mile High City. [DP YourHub]

Strings Restaurant

1700 Humboldt Street, Denver, CO 80218 303 831 7310 Visit Website

1825 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO