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The Early Word on Dizzy's Donuts in Boulder

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Boulder's secret sin Dizzy's Donuts opened their first brick-and-mortar last week on Conestoga Street, reintroducing specialized donuts to the area for the first time since Tastefully Toasted closed five years ago. The fried, doughy pastry sensations from pastry chef Eric Guthrie have been sold at Ozo Coffee, Vic's Espresso and via wholesale delivery since the business began last year. While it's still early in the game, social media has been all smiles about the gourmet filled donuts. Here now, the early word on Dizzy's Donuts.

The Good News: A Facebook commenter makes Dizzy's part of her morning: "stopped by there early this morning and had the bacon/maple donut and the peach turnover donut, so good. will be sending my friends that way!" [Facebook]

More Good News: On Yelp, one review has a cosmic experience: "BF and I stopped by on Monday for their open house and our donut-lust has been activated. We were only able to try the glazed original but it was incredible! A huge, fluffy donut covered with deliciously sweet glaze. Just the right amount of chew to slightly crispy exterior. I was in donut heaven after just one bite." [Yelp]

The Great News: Thrillist likens the shop to a sitcom: "All laid-back and coffee shop-y, it looks like where the Friends would've hung out if large-sized Matthew Perry was in charge, and churns out the standard 'nuts next to some fancy, bizarre specialties that could only be concocted by a French-trained chef." [Thrillist]

The Great, Repeat Business News: One Facebooker loves the Key Lime Pie donut: "My key lime pie donut was amazing! I can't wait to visit again soon." [Facebook]

The "Dream Come True" News: One Yelper involves friends: "Today we had a half dozen delivered (yes, they do deliveries a few days a week) and they did not disappoint. Not only were the donuts pleasing to the eye, they were also pleasing to the palate. The Classic Glazed donut melts in your mouth, the cinnamon twist takes your taste buds on a fantastic voyage, and the Boulder Cream tastes like a dream come true." [Yelp]

The Morning Routine News: A Facebook commenter raves: "this morning's coffee and peach turnover totally made my day!!" [Facebook]

The Dude News: On Twitter, a friend suggests: "@KMCantrell Dude. Dizzy's donuts on W. 11th. Those French Krullers." [Twitter]
— Ashley Mason

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[Photo: Dizzy's Donuts/Kickstarter]

Ozo Coffee

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Dizzy's Donuts

1606 Conestoga Street #2 Boulder, CO 80301