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Another Chef Bites the Dust at Satchel's

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Satchel's on Sixth has fired its third and longest lasting chef in the restaurant's tender 20 month life. Chef Matt Marcheselli joined the restaurant owned by Andrew Casalini last year in February, after chefs Jared Brant (now at Phat Thai) and Kurt Boucher (a celebrity private chef and former Iron Chef challenger) came into the kitchen and departed in a combined ten month span.

Chef Marcheselli and Andrew Casalini had a strong disagreement before the holiday break and parted ways abruptly. As a result, Satchel's did not open its doors for New Year's Eve service as planned. Chef Matt Marcheselli, whose background includes a recent two-year stint at Thomas Keller's Per Se in New York City and years of experience at Gramercy Tavern, Alain Ducasse, and Veritas, is a now a free agent.

Satchel's on 6th [Photo: Facebook]


1710 E. 6th Ave., Denver, Colorado