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Slotted Spoon Preview: the Space and Menu

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Slotted Spoon
Slotted Spoon
Photo: Adam Larkey

Slotted Spoon, the new fast-casual restaurant created by chef Jensen Cummings and his partners, Alex Comisar and Johnny Coast, is ready to start dishing out meaty (and not-so-meaty) balls in its location in the University Hill Shopping Center. This team is well-preparred and not exactly scrambling: the space is ready, the menu is done, and the deliveries have started to pour in. The grand opening will take place on February 4. Before the doors open, here's a sneak peek at the menu and the space.

The basic order at Slotted Spoon is easy as 1-2-3. Choose the essential ball from six options that include the Italia Pork, the Swedish Salmon, and Baja Black Bean. Pick a vessel for the ball from seven options among which are hoagie rolls, pasta, and two gluten-free options. Then top with one of the sauces: six hot ones and five cold ones. Sure you can upgrade and add to your meatball several things from applewood smoked=peppered bacon to sauteed mushrooms. Plus, there is a small but mighty selection of extras like panzanella salad, bacon mac & cheese, sauteed greens, and So-Cal coleslaw.

The space is in line with the philosophy of the team at Slotted Spoon: modern and accessible, providing guests with a dining experience that focuses on transparency of ingredients and cooking process and efficiency of delivery and ease of eating-in or taking-out.

Before the grand opening, Slotted Spoon will host and launch its first event in collaboration with Share Our Strength - Heroes Against Hunger - a philanthropic effort that engages youth through various projects that the eatery has committed to participating in.

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Slotted Spoon Gallery [Photography by Adam Larkey]