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Chef Lance Barto Departs From Central Bistro and Bar

Central Bistro + Bar opened six months ago in LoHi with chef Lance Barto helming the stoves and now chef Barto helms no more. The restaurant and the chef just parted ways amicably: "Lance was instrumental in getting Central up and running. He created an innovative menu that our guests continue to crave," Isiah Salazar, the owner, stated.

According to Salazar, the visions of the chef and ownership diverged as time went by. When Central Bistro + Bar opened, the menu was small and almost fancy. In the months to come, chef Barto, who previously served as executive chef at Strings, adapted to the neighborhood by increasing the number of appetizers and toning down the fanciness.

The adaptation, however, did not match Salazar's vision, which appears more focused on the kitchen as a team not on one individual chef. "We emphasize no one chef but rather draw our strength from the collective talent and mission to be a great neighborhood restaurant focused on on the fine presentation of dishes that draw upon the heritage of American classics," Salazar explained. No word yet on chef Barto's next position.

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