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Name the Chef: Cool, Skinny, and Good-Looking

Matt Selby, the chef at Corner House, a new casual eatery in the Jefferson Park neighborhood, has made an impression on John Broening. In today's paper, Broening, chef at Spuntino and columnist for the Denver Post, shared with readers a mussel recipe that Selby created and also some thoughts on the tatted-out chef.

Broening credited Selby, who he calls cool, skinny, and good-looking, with creating Denver's freewheeling and exuberant fusion restaurant style. Selby's coolness is the self-contained kind of a chef who listened to his inner voice and created a small and eclectic menu composed of nothing more than the food he feels like cooking. For the mussel recipe and more, read Broening's article.

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Matt Selby [Photography by Jennifer Olson]

Corner House

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Corner House

2240 Clay St., Denver, CO