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Champagne: If Snoop Dog Mentions It In His Rap Songs, It Must Be Good

Kelly Wooldridge, the newly appointed wine director for the Bonanno Group does not shy away from any wine, bubbly champagne included. Eater asked Wooldridge to share his most memorable service experience that included the festive bubbles. Here's what he said.

Without a doubt my most memorable bottle of Champagne was a 1976 Piper Heidsieck "Cuvée Rare". It was the first vintage they made that particular wine and I drank it with my
mentor, Max Ariza from Johnson & Wales University. Even at 28 years old of was still spectacular. Exactly a year later I opened a 6 liter bottle of 2000 Roederrer Crystal for some sort of Middle-Eastern prince at the Armani Cafe in Boston. The best part wasn't even the Champagne, it the comment that he made to his guests in his syrup-thick accent after I opened the bottle, "Snoop Dogg mentions this wine many times in his raps, so it must be wonderful. And they gave me a bottle of this when I bought my Bentley!"

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