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The Word on Local Breweries' and Restaurants' Recovery From the Flood

Spirit Hounds Distillery Tasting Room
Spirit Hounds Distillery Tasting Room
Photo: Craig Engelhorn

The recent flooding in Colorado impacted thousands of people and left much to be done. Roads are being repaired and homes salvaged. Like most businesses impacted, local breweries and restaurants felt the hit. Here is the early word on the flood's effect on Denver and Boulder's dining communities.

The Community News: The Boulder-based food truck, RollinGreens, helps the community out by serving local victims of the flood. "RollinGreens was out of work for seven days due to the flood, so we decided to do what we know best, make food with love and donate to those in need of a hot meal. With now over $25,000 in donations RolinGreens continues to help out and donate meals to those in need.

The Loss News: Glad Factory Farm and the Fresh Herb Company both incurred damage from the rain and flooding. Every Boulder county farmers market farmer and rancher has been impacted by the rain and flooding. Some lost 60 to 70 percent of their product. Some lost none, but subsequently lost out on the income from two cancelled markets. Visit Frasca and Local's fundraiser page on Facebook to help.

The Donating News: Colorado Native lager, brewed by the folks at AC Golden Brewing in Golden, Colo., is donating $10,000 to the American Red Cross Mile High Chapter for flood relief in Colorado.

The Malt Bag News: Left Hand Brewing was able to stay dry with the use of the breweries malt bags. Left Hand posted onFacebook to report the status of the brewery, "Thank you everyone for the support and well wishes. We can report that we believe the Tasting Room is dry, thanks to our grain bags!"

The Dinner News: Celebrate the beautiful fall harvest and support the Foothills Flood Relief Fund at the Chautauqua Dining Hall tonight at 6 p.m. Chef Brain Horton will be creating a five-course meal and wine pairing for $95 per person that will benefit those affected by the floods. For reservations, please contact, or call 303-440-3776.

The Farm News: The owner of Bramble and Hare, Black Cat Bistro, and Black Cat farm posted to the restaurant's blog to post their own version of Good News/Bad News with the flood; "Good News: Nobody was hurt, the restaurants were physically unaffected, the farm is still in business for the year unlike some neighboring farmers. Bad New: Large revenue losses due to last week's farmers' market closures, several days of closed or partially closed restaurants, current poor restaurant business (30 percent of normal sales)."

The Progress News: Distiller and co-founder Craig Engelhorn decided to sleep in the second floor lounge area in the distillery on the night of September 11 and he woke up to the St. Vrain River flooding the building. Spirit Hound Distillers in Lyons sustained some significant flood damage and is working to recover from the flood; "We're glad to report that most of our whiskey barrels are fine and survived the flood," says co-founder Matt Rooney. "Though we need a new steam boiler for the brewery, and all of our drywall was ruined and needs to be torn out and rebuilt. But we're working around the clock to get open as soon as possible."

The Lucky News: Crystal Springs Brewing is located on high enough grounds which avoided any real damage to the brewery, but the building's driveway wasn't so lucky. "We did receive major damage to our lane up to the house and it has been a struggle to get in and out - which has impacted our ability to get beer to our customers. I'm hopeful you will all bear with us in the next couple of weeks, says owner Tom Horst."

— By Kelsey Colt


Black Cat

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