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The Early Word on Scratch Burrito & Happy Tap

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 Scratch Burrito & Happy Tap
Scratch Burrito & Happy Tap
Photo: Adam Larkey

Clay Markwell, owner and chef of Scratch Burrito & Happy Tap, has been serving up creative burritos since opening his Berkley location in June. Markwell, who was formerly the sous chef at TAG, created a shop that takes a step away from the typical fast food burrito chain and serves more inventive items like friend chicken, baked mac and cheese, and collards burrito. People are drawn to the joint and have positive things to say. Here's the early word on Scratch Burrito & Happy Tap.

The Good News The North Denver Tribune gave Scratch Burrito & Happy Tap a good review. "Scratch Burrito has heart, charm, and a tasty product. I hope their blend of cuisines is embraced by North Denver." [North Denver Tribune]

The Farmer News Cafe Society shared how the menu serves local produce and meets. "There are eight burritos total, all priced at $9.50, and the ingredients— many of them procured from nearby farms and producers— zigzag from adobo pork and grilled vegetable quinoa salad to tandoori lamb swaddled with curried brown rice, dill pickle salad, raita with cilantro and crisped onions; they're all partnered with a seasonal side salad, the ingredients of which may come from Golden Acre Farm, located in Golden and owned by Jason Plotkin, who plans to stop by the restaurant every Saturday after the farmers' market." [Cafe Society]

The Original News One Yelper shared his feelings about the originality of the menu: "These are not the Chipotle and its copy-cats' faux Mexican type of burritos, but rather they are uniquely created and ethnically diverse in their offerings." [Yelp]

The Facebook News A fan used Facebook to post how much he enjoyed Scratch Burrito: "This place rocks! Fantastic food, great mojitos and excellent service. I predict this place is not going anywhere soon. Cant wait to go try more yummy stuff!" [Facebook]

The Creative News Owner and chef Clay Markwell explains how he can get creative with his burritos to Cafe Society. "Tortillas are like bread," says Markwell. "They're a vehicle in which to deliver food to your mouth using whatever you want." [Café Society]

The Video News Fox 31 Denver picked Scratch Burrito & Happy Tap to be the restaurant of the week in September. Click here to watch the video that features an interview with chef and owner Clay Markwell. [Fox 31]

The Listening News Listen to the podcast when owner Clay Markwell and barman Tyler Lewis are interviewed by Culinary Connectors, describing the food and drink menu. [Culinary Connectors]

The Fighting News A Foursquare fan shared just how much he liked the empanadas: "The empanadas are worth starting a bar fight!" [Foursquare]

— By Kelsey Colt

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Scratch Burrito & Happy Tap

4262 Lowell Blvd, Denver CO 80211