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The Pork Fried Rice Is A Sure Bet At Sunny Gardens; Corner House Livens Up Jefferson Park

Corner House
Corner House
Photo: Adam Larkey

Sunny Gardens, a neighborhood Chinese joint located in a strip mall just off I 25 and Yale, offers several attractive pork-centric dishes, says Gretchen Kurtz of Westword. The best options are the moo shu, which stuffed ample amounts of pig into pancakes and the comforting fried rice, served only with pork,. The basil jalapeno chicken and kung pao beef were less than impressive and the vast selection of dishes made with mock-meat - yes, mock chicken and beef made with some form of soy products- left the critic wondering about the risks and benefits of eating something like that.

The best meal at Matt Selby's Corner House is brunch, says 5280's Stacey Brugeman in the October issue. She complements Selby's neighborhood mentality and charitable contributions, but explains that he needs to focus more on the restaurant's consistency to be successful. On many occasions the servers gave her incorrect information, and one of them spilled Corner House's "addictive Bloody Mary" on Brugeman's shoe.

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— By Kelsey Colt

Corner House

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