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From Nano Sessions to Nom Sessions: Pearl Street's Session Kitchen Is Officially Open

Session Kitchen
Session Kitchen
Photo: Emily Hutto

Look closely at the tiling at the back of the Park Bar at Session Kitchen: see a a pattern? The cleverly placed word "kitchen" in the tile is one of the 13 art installations throughout the restaurant that has got Denver buzzing over the last week. Today at 11 a.m., guests can finally check out these installations, as well as the restaurant's highly anticipated anti-tapas menu and elevated cocktail program.

Tapas are tired at Session, where the extensive menu is broken down by portions: Jam Sessions— inspired by curing, preserving, and jarring that includes jams, jellies, mousses, and items served in jars; Herb Session, a vegetable-focused section of the menu with mostly salads; Wealth Session, plates intended for one; Group Session, multiple portions of different plates intended for multiple people; and Nom Session, the dessert menu.

A single "session" at the new restaurant on South Pearl is a single portion, or a normal entrée size. Guests can also order nano sessions, or half orders. The portion of each menu item is completely customizable.

And then there are the cocktails. Organized by season, the variety of drinks at Session represent the variety of flavors throughout the year, available year-round. Just in time for changing leaves are the Pomaceous Fruit cocktail with applejack, champagne drinking vinegar, and spiced St. Germain foam, or the Rhubarb Whiskey Sour with egg whites and smoked and frozen apples and lemons.


In the same spirit of sessionable portions, all of the cocktails are available in individual session portions, doubles, or Erlenmeyer beakers meant for four. The wine menu at session is also available in this format. The large selection of Colorado-brewed beer on tap is available in single pint portions.

More features to look forward to at Session: community tables, the Back Bowl bar and dining area that looks over the entire restaurant, bar stools made out of old bicycle parts in the Park Bar.

Session cocktail menu courtesy of Session Kitchen

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Session Kitchen

1518 S Pearl St Denver, CO 80210