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Welcome to Cocktail Week 2013

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Denver's Top Bartenders
Denver's Top Bartenders
Photography by Jennifer Olson

Right now, Eater sites across the country, from New York to LA and right here in Denver launch Cocktail Week 2013. It's a party - the second year of taking a whole week to celebrate all things cocktails from bartenders to spirits to restaurants with great cocktail programs and tips and tricks of cocktail making and drinking from local pros.

The featured photo, created by photographer Jennifer Olson and stylist Nicole Dominic-Pelletier, highlights some the best local talent behind the bars in Denver and Boulder. From left to right: Gerard Collier, Melissa Durant, Ian Harris, Noah Heaney, Kade Gianetti, Audrey Smith, Chad Michael George, Jason Patz, Parker Ramey, Glenn Pollak, Eryn Henderson, and Christina Andrews. These fine ladies and gentlemen make our drinks with creativity, skill, and dedication to our experience. They are acknowledged this week, but there is much more coming your way.

Get ready to be tempted to drink while you read about mixology trends, stories on unique cocktail programs, hangover cures, ice programs, rules of cocktail making, and cocktail heatmaps of more than one kind.

And when you read, share your opinion. What is your favorite bar and why? Which bartender shakes your gloomiest mood into a pleasant one? Where do you go for the best Old Fashioned, Sazerac, or Daiquiri? All your cocktail-related commentary is requested this week. Cheers!

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