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Denver's 14 It-List Breweries To Visit During GABF

Yesterday at a press conference at Crooked Stave's new brewery in The Source, Visit Denver announced the launch of the Denver Beer Trail, a guide featuring fourteen innovative beers and breweries located throughout Denver. Available at all of the participating breweries, the guide includes classic breweries like Wynkoop and Breckenridge, as well as new kids on the block like Epic Brewing and Black Sky Brewery.

"We're an adventurous beer city, and these are adventurous beers," says Visit Denver's VP of marketing and business development Justin Bresler. He and some of the more beer savvy members of Visit Denver's staff have curated this top 14 list that Bresler compares to a beer sampling flight. "It's the best of," he says. "The Beer Trail anchors Denver Beer Fest, and kicks it off."

This year, Visit Denver has catalogued more than 330 events at Denver's breweries, bars, tap houses, and the like as part of the Denver Beer Fest. You can find this lineup of events here.

After this inaugural year, Visit Denver plans to come out with an updated 14-er list of beers and breweries each October just before the Great American Beer Festival.

Denver Beer Trail [Map:]

Crooked Stave Barrel Cellar

1441 West 46th Avenue, Denver, CO 80211 720-508-3292 Visit Website

Epic Brewing Denver

3001 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205