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The Early Word on Wasabi Roll & Go

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 Wasabi Roll & Go
Wasabi Roll & Go
Photo: Facebook

J.W. Lee of Wasabi Sushi Bars in Centennial and Lakewood wanted to change the way he does sushi at his newest restaurant, Wasabi Roll & Go. Modeled after restaurants where you order your meal as you want it, guests get to pick the protein, veggies, and sauce—which also makes it easy to take it to go. The first of its kind in the sushi world, Wasabi Roll & Go has already won over a lot of its customers. Here's the early word on Wasabi Roll & Go.

The Ingredient News 5280 Magazine shared the details on the restaurants ingredient choices: "A sister to Lee's Wasabi Sushi Bars located in Centennial and Lakewood (as well as six Midwestern locations), Wasabi Roll & Go uses the same fresh fish, which is over-nighted from sources around the world. Patrons select from a wide array of proteins from fresh yellowtail to fried tofu; then their choice of brown, steamed, or sushi rice; add up to five varieties of vegetables like steamed asparagus, pickled radish, and avocado; and crown it with options such as tempura crunch, house-made wasabi mayo, or briny masago." [5280]

The Fast Food News Cafe Society gives an explanation of the concept behind Wasabi Roll & Go: This is the first "express"-style Wasabi, which also has two sit-down restaurants. The concept here, though, is all grab and go -- you pick the ingredients, they roll them (or package them in a bowl), you grab the finished product and go. [Cafe Society]

The Happy Yelper News A fan posted on Yelp about their positive experience at Wasabi Roll & Go. "Fast healthy Japanese food! It's just like Chipotle. Pick what kind of rice, protein, more ingredients, and sauce you want and they roll it for you. It taste great, healthy, and fast!" [Yelp]

The Idea News The owner, J.W. Lee, of Wasabi Roll & Go discussed how he came up with the idea for the restaurant with Asian Avenue Magazine. "I've always been thinking about this concept," says J.W. Lee, Principal of Wasabi. "I think that right now the market, needs this. The customers have been trained out there. With all the Subways and Chipotles, people know what to expect." [Asian Avenue Magazine]

The Price News A fan that was satisfied with her meal for the price posted on Facebook about her experience: "Huge rolls for $8 each! Fresh and good!" [Facebook]

The Twitter News Another fan of Wasabi Roll & Go tweeted "Come check out Wasabi Roll & Go on University and Evans and create your own sushi!" [Twitter]

— By Kelsey Colt

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Wasabi Roll & Go

2076 S. University Blvd, Denver CO 80210

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