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Nominate Your Favorite Restaurant, Chef, Bartender, and More for the Eater Awards

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the Kitchen Denver
the Kitchen Denver
Photo: Adam Larkey

Readers of Eater and diners of Denver: on November 18, Eater will host the Fourth Annual Eater Awards in New York City. This event will celebrate the best chefs, restaurants, and industry talent across the nation. In the coming week, you will vote for your favorites in all the categories for Denver.

Last year, the winners were the Squeaky Bean - Restaurant of the Year, Max MacKissock - Chef of the Year, Randy Layman of ACE - Bartender of the Year, Oak at Fourteeth- So Hot Right Now, Beatrice & Woodsley - Stone Cold Stunner, and Frank Bonanno - Empire Builder.

It is a new year and new restaurants are eligible for these categories. Now is the time for you to speak up and ominate the most worthy candidates in the following categories: Restaurant of the Year, Best Chef, So Hot Right Now, and Bartender of the Year. Leave your nominations below or send them the tipline.

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