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Capitol Hill's Skoops Eatery Shutters, Kick Starts A New Home

Skoops Eatery
Skoops Eatery
Photo: KDVR

The popular Skoops Eatery, a family-owned ice cream and sandwich shop at 1209 E. 9th Avenue shuttered on Monday and is looking for a new home, said a press release.

The shutter was the result of a bad neighbor and a horrible landlord, owner Eddie Horn says. He also disclosed that they are looking at the former Taki Sushi building at 420 E. Bayaud Avenue for reopen, and will have more details in coming weeks. A Kickstarter campaign is slated to start this week as the duo look for support from customers, friends and family to help fund their next venture.

Tim Hamann, Skoops other owner, says, "More and different people began to frequent the block, creating a whole new atmosphere over the years. We are surprised and humbled by the community support."

On top of great community support, Skoops often receives rave reviews, and has an excellent track record on Yelp.

Keep up-to-date on Skoops' Kickstarter campaign and next moves on its Facebook page.

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