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Industry Tastemakers on Their 2013 Restaurant Breakups

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Photo: Adam Larkey

Adam Larkey, Eater Denver photographer: There are a few coffee shops that are getting a bit too annoyingly snooty and hipsteriffic for my tastes.

Jeremy Kossler, Denver Burger Battle founder: T|aco.

Kris Browning-Blas, Denver Post Food Editor: Cafe Aion: terrible food on a special occasion that they were prepared for (but service was good).

Laura Saffioti, Eater Denver contributor: No break ups. But I miss the days when managers and staff didn't have their face buried in their smartphone when they talked to you.

Lori Midson, Westword food editor: Vietnam Grill, but only because it broke up with me first… when it abruptly closed. Sad day, that.

Jessica Hunter, Eater Denver contributor: I should say I'm over charcuterie, pork belly, short rib, but I'm just not and I keep ordering them. But I am over 11-ingredient cocktails. Please stop making me think about what's in my cocktail glass. I can't conceptualize these flavors and I already think too much during the other 14 hours of my day. You know what I'm not sick of? Bubbles. Why aren't there more bubbles on wine lists in Denver? Half bottles, delicious classes of bubbly, anything! Make Denver fall more in love with bubbles!

Tucker Shaw, Denver Post features editor: The ones with bad lighting, and there are too many to list here. Life is way too short to sit and gaze into your dining companion's pores. I beg you, restaurateurs, sit down and eat dinner in your own restaurants, dispassionately. Then fix the lighting. Also, the ones with bad fries. Come on now.

Penny Parker, Black Tie Colorado: I didn't break up with any spot, but I will take great pains to avoid restaurants that don't take reservations. That's just too annnoying!

Brittany Werges, 303 Magazine Food & Booze Editor: I don't have a specific restaurant but I am definitely over some ingredients. If I could go all of 2014 without seeing pork belly on a menu I'd be okay with that. It's delicious but overplayed. There are definitely many more proteins out there that are worth highlighting.

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