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Six Things You Probably Didn't Know About Prohibition By Adam Hodak

Adam Hodak
Adam Hodak
Photo: Adam Larkey

"Prohibition killed the American cocktail," declares Adam Hodak, the beverage director for Bonanno Concepts. The mixologist and restauranteur is well-versed in the history of cocktails in the United States, and on this Repeal Day, he shared with Eater some less-than-known tidbits about the era. Without further ado, here are six things you might not have known about Prohibition.

1. The first year after the passing of Prohibition you could legally buy liquor for your bar and continue to serve that until you ran out. A few bars, or rather private clubs, never did.

2. Hard cider was completely legal during prohibition.

3. Millions of prescriptions for whiskey were given out.

4. Fernet Branca was considered a medicinal bitter and was legal. In fact, it was distilled in Manhattan.

5. Angostura Bitters, coming in at 44.7 percent alcohol by volume, was served at Nelsen's Hall during Prohibition on Washington Island.

6. A speakeasy is the reason women are in bars today. Prior to Prohibition, bars were gathering places for men, and only when being in a bar was illegal did become okay for women to drink in public.

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