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Sean Kenyon Chimes in On Fellow Bartender Marcel Templet of the Capital Grille

Marcel Templet of the Capital Grille is popular with many local bartenders. In a conversation, one will swiftly notice that Templet is not shy about praising others in the industry and the bartender community as a whole. So it is no surprise that that same community also appreciates him. Yesterday, a question and answer feature on Templet highlighted his way of connecting with guests. As a follow up, Eater asked Sean Kenyon of Williams & Graham to share some thoughts on the Capital Grille bartender.

What are your thoughts on Marcel Templet? Marcel is my favorite Denver bartender that I have never worked with. A smile is his default expression. He's as genuine a bartender as he is a man. Marcel is a real bartender; no ego, no pretense. When you sit at his bar it is all about you. That's exactly how it should be.

How did you meet him? Marcel and his beautiful wife Jenny were regulars at my bar for years when I was at Steuben's. Marcel would get off of work and call in two orders of meatloaf before the kitchen closed. Then they would stay for awhile and we'd talk, laugh ...and have a couple of shots.

How has Marcel impressed you as a bartender? I was sitting at Marcel's bar at Capital Grille one night. It was really busy and the bar patrons were doing pretty much everything rude to get the bartenders' attention. It was cringe-worthy. They were snapping fingers, clapping on the bar, holding out credit cards. Marcel and his fellow bartender were sort of in the weeds, but the smile never left Marcel's face. He never looked flustered or bothered nor did he break a sweat. He took care of everyone and the guest left the bar happy, no matter how impatient they had been. I was very impressed with his composure and hoped that I was that calm under pressure.

— By Kelsey Colt

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