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Westword Reviews Il Posto; Denveater Praises Arugula

Il Posto
Il Posto
Photo: Adam Larkey

Il Posto, the Uptown Italian restaurant owned by Andrea Frizzi, got reviewed by Westword this week. The restaurant reviewer, Gretchen Kurtz, acknowledged that the six year old restaurant evolved over time by changing the menu format to paper instead of chalkboard, trimming down menu selections to only the essentials, and adding modern touches like liquid nitrogen where appropriate. She enjoyed the "food spa"-like experience and highly recommended the calamari, a dish not served fried, where pale, chewy rings are stuffed with a classic Italian filling of bread, capers, garlic and white wine. Kurtz was also impressed with the risotto, which is made entirely to order, the New York strip, moist from sous-vide preparation and pan-seared to finish, and the fried yeast doughnuts known as bombolini. [Westword]

Ruth Tobias of Denveater raved about her light meal at Arugula Ristorante in Boulder this week. She praised the restaurant for offering half-portions of pasta, which include the hand-rolled garganelli, recommended the tomato-fennel soup, and enjoyed the buttery squid scampi.

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il posto

2011 E 17th Avenue, Denver, CO 80206 303 394 0100