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The Former Venue Space Appears To Have Been Released: Liquor License Transfer Pending

The former Venue Bistro, owned by Holly Hartnett and shut down mid-November for failure to pay rent and taxes, has a new tenant: an entity designated only by the address name: 3609 W. 32nd Ave., LLC. The landlord, Landmark Associates, LLC., signed the lease at the end of November and, concomitantly, Hartnett agreed to a liquor license transfer to the new tenant. The application for the liquor license transfer is currently pending with the City of Denver and comments and objections can be registered until the end of February.

The information on the new venture is scarce. The sole owner of 3609 Restaurant is Kevin Reish, an individual who also signed the lease as an agent for the landlord, Landmark Associates, LLC. Reish's company, Reish Investments & Realty, is the sole lender for the new venture. Every entity mentioned seems to share an address in Centennial and no phone numbers of websites are available for any of the parties listed. What is certain is that there is a lease for the 1000 square foot space in the Highlands, a liquor license transfer is pending, and the inventory that was taken over from Venue - including tables, chairs, lights and fans, linens, and silverware, and all the other must-haves of a restaurant- can get this place up and running very soon.

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