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Do Your Snow Dance: ACE Launches Snow Day Parties

There is a prerequisite to the newly launched ACE SNO DAY Retro-Winter Patio Parties: SNOW. But, if the weather cooperates, next time we get 3 or more inches of snow, Ace is hosting its own bash honoring winter's white snow. The idea is to revive memories of skiing, riding, lunch on the slopes, drinks in the lodge, and of course the gear that came with it all in the comfort of the Uptown swanky restaurant and ping pong emporium.

ACE asks that guests show up in retro ski gear - one-piece snowsuits and the like or, really, just to wear any snow gear and to be ready to partake in food and drink specials, music, the fire pit, and ping pong on the outdoor patio.

Snow Parties will last from 3 to 7 p.m. the day after a big snow. Prizes for the best snowsuit and the best homemade hat will be given! Since these parties are all dependent on Mother Nature, the invites will be impromptu, so keep an eye on the forecast, ACE's Facebook page and website .

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