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Sushi Den Takes the Belly Trend Further

Sushi Den
Sushi Den
Photo: Adam Larkey

When you hear belly, you think pork. But that does not do justice to the increasingly attractive other belly - the salmon one. As the nose to tail trend is all the rage, somehow the gull to tail movement has stayed mostly unnoticed.

Sushi Den, the staple sushi eatery located on South Pearl Street, is one of the few restaurants that breaks down entire fish, many of them, every day. Some of these whole fish are salmon. The cooks use each part of the fish and turn the bones into stock. A favorite on the menu at Sushi Den is salmon belly. It is served several ways, including with caviar and blue cheese, Aburi-style, a signature lightly-seared preparation, and, of course, as sushi.

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Sushi Den

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