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Makan Restaurant Reviewed by the Denver Post; La Polleria Praised by Westword

Makan Restaurant, an authentic Malaysian restaurant located on South Pearl Street, was the subject of the Denver Post's restaurant review this week. Restaurant critic William Porter chose several dishes from the small but choice menu, recommending the curry puffs and satay chicken skewers. Porter was less impressed by the roti prata and beef rendang, but deemed the eatery a great addition to the neighborhood.

In line with ethnic cuisine, this week, Westword reviewed La Polleria, a Centennial eatery focused on chicken cooked Peruvian-style. Critic Gretchen Kurtz remarked that while bright lights, few tables and order-at-the-counter set-up may lead diners to believe this is a chain, the tender, flavorful, and authentic pollo a la brasa at this independent spot will change their minds. Kurtz recommended that diners skip the traditional sides of salad and fries and opt for more interesting options like the mashed Peruvian Mayocoba beans - rice flecked with corn kernels and stained bright yellow from a turmeric-like spice called palillo or fried sweet plantains.

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Makan Malaysian Cafe

1859 S Pearl Street, Denver, CO 80210 720-524-8093

Makan Malaysian Cafe

1859 S Pearl St Denver, CO 80210