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What Are Denver's Best Bloody Marys

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Have something you want discussed or a question you want answered among the fine Eater readers, as a Friday Open Thread? Send it this way.

Le Grand Bistro Bloody Mary Bar

This week, in an Open Thread, Eater wants to hear from you about Denver's best Bloody Marys. Several weeks ago, Eater posted a list of ten best and most unique Bloody Marys, but certainly there are more out there to discover. Where do you go to get your Bloody fix on a weekend? What restaurant makes the best version of this brunch favorite? Where have you had the most unique version of the drink that made you return over and over again?

Drop your recommendations in the comments or send them to the tipline, and check back next week for a map of Denver's best Bloody Marys as determined by Eater readers. And remember, the more details, the better.

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