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Spuntino Is Among America's 25 Most Underrated Restaurants

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Eater National released its list of America's 25 Most Underrated Restaurants and Denver's own Spuntino is included on it. The list includes eateries from all major cities, with highlights like New York's Hearth, Charleston's Wild Olive, Chicago's Nightwood, and LA's Musha.

Spuntino has been taken over last April by chef John Broening and his wife and partner, pastry chef Yasmin Lozada-Hissom. The duo has revamped the menu and created a selection of dishes and desserts that are delicate and honest, restrained and respectful of the ingredients. Spuntino serves lunch five days a week, brunch on weekends, and dinner Wednesday through Saturday. While the restaurant received some attention from the press recently, the public is still learning about this neighborhood gem.

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