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Jon Robbins Is Expanding Gypsy Kitchen Into a Restaurant

Jon Robbins, chef de cuisine at Mizuna, announced that he is leaving the stoves on 7th Avenue behind to pursue Gypsy Kitchen, his pop-up supper club on a full time basis. Gypsy Kitchen will transition from a bi-monthly concept to a full restaurant featuring elaborate tasting menus. Robbins has yet to announce the details on the new location and menus.

Beurre Blanc, as colleagues nicknamed Robbins, began working for chef and restaurateur Frank Bonanno at Mizuna in 2007, but took a break in 2010 to work in the Virgin Islands. He returned to Denver after a year and a half and that is when the Gypsy Kitchen concept was born. In collaboration with his partner, Alex Kayir, Robbins started throwing pop-up supper club parties where guests would enjoy 10-course dinners with five to seven wine pairings, al$l for 100 (plus tip, of course). Those dinners kept selling out and, soon, fans of Gypsy Kitchen will have a chance to enjoy Robbins' food on a regular basis. The last day for Robbins at Mizuna is Saturday, March 9.

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