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Slider Power Hour: Food Writers' Favorites

Where do those who made eating their job go for sliders? Eater asked several local food writers to share their favorites.

Amanda Faison, food editor at 5280 Magazine, highlighted Linger's Tokyo White Castle as an interesting slider option. A bastardization of two Burger King items recreated by Linger's Justin Cucci and Daniel Asher, this dish caught Faison's attention back in February when she featured it on the magazine's blog.

Asked about her favorite sliders, Ruth Tobias of Denveater said: "I like Jonesy's falafel sliders, which are still on the menu— [...] they're good, mainly because the chili-pineapple spread is so interesting."

Pat Miller of the Gabby Gourmet shared that she orders the veggie sliders at RootDown every time she visits the restaurant. These are served with jalapeño jam, sprout salad, sweet potato fries, and curry-lime sauce.

Lee Breslouer of Thrillist gave this some thought but could not come up with the mini version of the burger. He did, however, shared that his favorite burger is that served at Oak at Fourteenth in Boulder. No one says you can't order three and eat them like sliders.

"My favorite slider is the one Jorge de la Rosa puts over the plate'" Kris Browning-Blas, food editor at the Denver Post said, speaking like a true Rockies fan. When pressed to share an edible slider, Browning-Blas mentioned the "cantina sliders" at El Monte Grill in Fort Collins.

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