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Linger Says Good Bye to Bartender Chad Michael George

Chad Michael George has become the regulars' favorite face behind the bar at Linger but the bartender is ready to move on.

The Saint Louis native started at Linger a year ago when he arrived in Denver. A career in the financial world got George burned out and led him to pursue wine and later mixology. Prior to coming to Denver, he made his mark on the wine and cocktail programs at Monarch, Eclipse, Sasha's Wine Bar, and DeMun Oyster Bar in St. Louis. George is also the founder of the Proof Academy, a service that covers all things wine and spirits related, consulting, mixology education and more.

Tonight, Chad Michael George will be pouring cocktails at Linger in a joint RIP/Farewell party. Specials will include $3 Old Old Fashioneds, $4 Beer and a Bun, and more. As with all Monday night industry RIP events, enter Linger through the BACK DOOR stair tower entrance- the front of the restaurant will be closed.

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Chad Michael George [Photo: Facebook]


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