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Sneak Peek: Snarfburger Opens Monday in Boulder

Photo: Adam Larkey

Jim "Snarf" Seidel is going unabashedly greasy in his new concept, Snarfburger, opening on Monday in Boulder at 2000 Arapahoe Street. Known for its toasted sandwiches, the fast-casual Snarf's turns to burgers in its new American diner. And the items will either be on the griddle or in fried oil.

Sandwiched alongside a cozy, but busy stretch of Boulder, the new 350-square-foot burger joint occupies the iconic Daddy Bruce's Bar-B-Que landmark location. "I had to have this spot," stated Seidel, and his menu is an homage to the Randolph family legacy. Stepping into Snarfburger is a bit of a time warp: red paint and yellow trim decorate the intimate 8-seat interior of Seidel's location.

The menu is simple, but guaranteed to please. Even with the Boulder "healthy bravado [diet], they really love good food," says Seidel, and good food they promise to deliver. Snarf's returns to its hometown in Boulder, after opening in Chicago, Denver, and St. Louis, where the first shop, "The Shack," opened in 1996. Instead of doling out items like the famed Italian Sandwich – bursting with Salami, Pepperoni, Capicola, and Mortadella – Snarfburgers and hot dogs will be offered. So what about the burgers? "They're absolute the best, can't tell you anymore than that," shares Seidel.

Snarfburger [Photo: Adam Larkey]

For the big Snarf's fans, Hot Giardiniera bottles adorn the aluminum countertop, and they'll be used in the burgers. Seidel is also sourcing the east coast deli, Thumann's, for a special hotdog recipe. The 'dogs will be deep-fried, butterflied, decorated with bacon, and prominently displayed on a hamburger bun, and will be as "wide as it is long," shares Seidel.

To keep the Boulder vegetarians happy, Seidel is proud of his Veggie burger offering: bean and veggie with a falafel crust. Of course, Snarf's will still serve sandwiches – grilled cheese, BLTs, and fried bologna – all donned on white bread. The fried bologna and dogs will be on the griddle. "It's like being 10 again and coming home to my mom making a bologna sandwich," Seidel reminisces. And he's channeled his memories into his food.

To top off the meal, Robinson's frozen custard in chocolate, vanilla, or swirl will be served. Drawing from Ted Drewes, the frozen custard shop in St. Louis, "concrete" style (toppings mixed in with the 'shake) is on the menu.

Snarfburger will be open "everyday, but Thanksgiving" at 11 a.m. for lunch and dinner, closing likely around midnight. To keep the munching Boulderites happy, Snarfburger will remain open until 2 a.m. on Thursday, Fridays, and Saturdays. As Colorado summers promise to be, eight patio tables more than double the seating capacity of the burger shack.

Seidel also confirmed that he is working on a second location for Snarfburger in Lafayette, off of Public Road. There's a reason why he earned the nickname "the Snarf."

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