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Vibrant Earth Juices Is Building A Juicing Truck

Jill Latham packed up and moved her two year old juicing business based in Santa Barbara, California to Denver just weeks ago. Latham wanted to be in Colorado to be closer to family but she also saw an opportunity here to grow her company, Vibrant Earth Juices, and elevate the standard for cold-pressed juices in the Mile High City. Her juices are freshly pressed, raw and organic, made with fruit and vegetables sourced as locally as possible.

Right now, juice fanatics can order the juices or juice cleanses online and get them delivered to either their home or office, but in less than a month, the option to pick up from a variety of locations will become available when Vibrant Earth Juices rolls out its custom-built juicing truck to the streets of Denver.

When Latham came up with the idea of a juicing company, she had no business experience. Fresh out of school, this registered dietitian who holds a masters of science in nutrition, dietetics, and food science, decided to spread the benefits of something she was passionate about in her own life- juicing. She opened a store in Santa Barbara, built her internet presence and clientele, and now, after a cross-country move, she's ready to bring her juices to a truck. Less than two weeks ago, she won Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in Emerging Business for Vibrant Earth Juices, presented by The Spirit of Entrepreneurship Foundation.

Latham's juices stand out in both taste and nutritional value. The inventive combinations like pineapple, pear, and mint or pear, cucumber, ginger, lemon, and Aloe Vera Juice create unique flavor profiles. On the nutrition side, using her background as a registered dietician, Latham decided to add a teaspoon of flax oil to all of the fruit and vegetable blends. This is not common in other juices. The flax oil is a vegan oil, high in antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids. Including it helps with the digestion, transport, and absorption of the nutrients in the juices.

Stay tuned for updates on the truck.

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