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Original Izakaya Den Will Close Sunday, Reopening in the New Space Next Week

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New Izakaya Den Signage
New Izakaya Den Signage
Photo: Adam Larkey

Much progress has been made in the big Pearl Street shuffle: the original Izakaya Den will close at the end of dinner service on Sunday night, most likely around 10 p.m. The restaurant, owned by Den Corner Restaurants, is moving to a new 14,000 square foot building, just across the street, next door to its sister restaurant Sushi Den.

Next week, most likely on Thursday (a date not yet set in stone), Izakaya Den will reopen in the first floor of its new two-story building. The second floor is in the process of being completed and will open mid to late June.

Conceptually, this will be a true izakaya-style restaurant with a menu that is a nod to that philosophy. This style of restaurant seems to be the "next" thing in Japanese dining for the US, bringing together a more casual style of dining yet keeping traditional cuisine at the forefront.

Izakaya Den will feature an extensive sushi menu, global kitchen selection, and new Izakaya-style small plates. The new chef de cuisine, Scott Hybbeneth, worked closely with master chef Toshi Kizaki to create a signature selection that encompasses Japanese techniques and traditions blended with contemporary flavors along expansive seafood offerings.


The design of the new Izakaya Den, a space that will offer seating for 247 people inside with an additional 34 seats on the patio, is a blend of East and West with traditional elements incorporated alongside very contemporary ones. Roth Sheppard Architects and Jordy Construction were the restaurant's partners in the new design.

The first floor features a grand staircase, glass enclosed elevator, bamboo garden, and a signature sushi bar. On the second level, guests will enjoy a full bar and private dining areas, but also a summer patio and a retractable glass ceiling over the bar and seating areas that will give access to sky views and open air in the summer. More details and a complete menu are forthcoming.

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