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Old Major Front of the House Shuffle: Some Leave, Attardi Joins the Team

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Jim Soulier, Hannah Louden, Jonathan Greschler (left column), Mary Wright (center), Paul Attardi (right)
Jim Soulier, Hannah Louden, Jonathan Greschler (left column), Mary Wright (center), Paul Attardi (right)

Last night, guests of Old Major got to see a new yet familiar face working the front desk and floor, Paul Attardi. Cafe Society's Laura Shunk got wind of it early in the day and reported on the rumor. It has been confirmed that Attardi, the former partner and front-of-the-house master from Fruition, where he ended his tenure in December, has joined the team at Old Major as a new maitre' d and a front-of-house staff member.

Old Major is a whole ten weeks old and it has gotten a lot of positive press. The personnel changes, however, have been significant. Last week, Old Major fired manager and sommelier Jonathan Greschler exactly nine weeks into the restaurant being open.

Greschler started as the general manager and wine director at Old Major and his sudden exit was, as he revealed to Cafe Society, a shock. "I feel absolutely betrayed, I'm fucking irate, and I strongly disagree with their decision," Greschler explained. He is currently looking for a new position.

Only four weeks into the restaurant being open, Jim Soulier, the starting assistant manager whose resume included stints at Alinea and Charlie Trotter's was sent packing. The decision came as a shock to Soulier as well, but he landed quickly on his feet with a position at Rioja.

Hannah Louden, who has previously worked at Frasca, is also absent from the lineup of front-of-the-house personnel that first greeted guests at Old Major. Louden left quietly on her own terms and the word is that she is taking some time off and focusing on finishing her degree for the time being.

Mary Wright is the only front-of-the-house person who still works at Old Major, ten weeks after the opening. She was introduced by Jonathan Greschler as Old Major's maitre d', but her role, the Old Major PR representative says, is that of a lead host. Whatever the official word is, it is always comforting for guests to see a familiar face.

Paul Attardi's addition to the front-of-the-house gives Old Major renewed credibility for a high standard of hospitality. "It's serendipity," said Attardi who has remained great friends with Justin Brunson since working with him at Fruition. "I am thrilled to be back in Denver after a brief break and some time off. The opportunity at Old Major came at the perfect time and I look forward to working with Justin and his incredible team to provide customers great service and a wonderful dining experience," he added.

The role Attardi fills at Old Major is not the same as the one Jonathan Greschler left open as he is not expected to act as general manager and wine director.

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