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Tony Pasquini Settles Longtime Legal Feud With His Sister

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Tony P's in Cherry Creek
Tony P's in Cherry Creek
Photo: Courtesy of Tony Pasquini

The Pasquini sibling feud, a public and nasty legal battle over the use of the brand Pasquini's, has made waves in Denver. Brother Tony Pasquini and his mother Judy on one side against sister Melinda have fought it out in the public eye and in the courts for several years.

It appears, however, that a settlement has finally been reached, as the Denver Post reported. The settlement prohibits Tony Pasquini from using the family name for his pizzerias and demands him to pay Melinda $300,000 in damages. For her part, Melinda is prohibited from having contact with Tony and their mother, Judy Pasquini.

In 2012, Melinda Pasquini sought an injunction against her brother and mother to stop use of the Pasquini's name. That same year, Tony opened Tony P's in Cherry Creek, a name he chose instead the more obvious and branded Pasquini's. Since then, Judy and Tony Pasquini, the mother and son team, have changed the names and branding for their two other Denver restaurants, one at 17th and Clarkson and one at 32nd and Zuni to Tony P's. Melinda continues to own and operate the original Pasquini's, located at 1310 S. Broadway.

Following this settlement, still active, the Denver Post reports, is a related lawsuit in which Tony accuses Melinda, who is an attorney, and her law firm, Faegre Baker Daniels, of legal malpractice and conflict of interest in their representation of Tony's franchising business.

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