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Ristorante L, Formerly Known as Laudisio, Shuttered After Nearly 25 Years in Boulder

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On Saturday, June 8, Ristorante L, formerly known as Laudisio, sent the message to the right to its guests via email. The message announced that after nearly 25 years of serving the Boulder dining community, the Italian restaurant will close its doors.

The restaurant, originally located on Iris Street, moved in 2006 to Boulder's Twenty-Ninth Street development, the same development that is now digging out dirt to build a much anticipated Trader Joe's. The founder of Ristorante L, Antonio Laudisio, has not been actively involved in the eatery for several years, but he can still be found weekly at the Boulder Farmers' Market slinging pizzas, farm egg omelets, and more. Antonio also co-owns the Med, Boulder's beloved Mediteranean restaurant located on Walnut Street.

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Ristorante L

1710 29th St, Boulder, Colorado