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The Juicing Tree Now Cold Pressing Organic Ingredients in the Park Hill Neighborhood

The Juicing Tree, a boutique juicery that presses hand crafted batches of raw juice opened its doors in the Park Hill neighborhood at 1504 Ivanhoe Street. The small juicery prides itself in using only organic ingredients that are in season and have never been frozen and a cold-pressing process that delivers the most nutrients and the purest of raw juices.

How does this process work? The ingredients are cold-pressed by 2000 pounds of pressure on a Norwalk juicer, extracting 3 to 5 times the vitamins and minerals of other juicing methods. The juice is not pasteurized nor is it pressurized through the HPP (high pressure processing) method that others in the juicing world use. This gives the juice a shorter shelf life, but what is the point of raw and fresh if you don't consume it right away.

The small juicery operates out of a small space and offers about 10 juices a la carte, freshly made and available in its refrigerator. Those interested in a cleanse can choose between two options: a six bottle cleanse or an eight bottle juice one.

For more information, visit the Juicing Tree website.

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