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Crema Coffee House Cracks Down on Laptop Campers

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Crema Coffee House is starting to crack down on computer campers, those pesky guests who arrive in the morning, park at a table with a latte, and remain posted there for hours on end. The cultish RiNo coffee shop cut out the power lines. There is still wireless internet and it is free, but once your battery is out, there is no plug to recharge from. None. All outlets and former extension cords have magically disappeared never to return again.

The coffee shop recently made this change because, as a barista explained to a stupefied guest, "it makes for a really long day at one table when people plug their laptops in."

In other news, Crema is getting a bit of a facelift: new windows are being installed today. The old windows were not installed correctly and the elements - wind and rain- were becoming problematic.

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